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Melody will next take part in a reading series with Vet Rep. More info here!


"Ladd especially stands out as the German fly girl. She’s a hilarious force of nature..."

- George Basler, Broome County Arts Council

"...the lovely couple are most gracious, comfortable, and appealing as played by Melody Ladd..."              

              - Patrick White, Nippertown

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberly

"But it is the trio of actors themselves who make this production so deliciously disturbing. Melody Ladd plays Inez with a cruel and icy edge."                         -Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

No Exit

"Inez, meanwhile, wields herself like a knife, cutting through the stage with an acrid resolve that only grows with each passing moment. In a very well-acted production, hers is the breakout performance: a countenance so twisted that it seems to finally find its proper station in hell."                 -Kiran Pandey, Broad Street Review

"Even before the house lights came up on the Quintessence Theater Group's extraordinary production of Major Barbara, I was completely smitten with the titular protagonist...the reserved zeal of Major Barbara Undershaft (Melody Ladd) sparkles irresistibly...I don't know which is more impressive, that Ladd and Hernandez captured my heart before I could take my seat, or that nearly four hours later I was still mesmerized by their fascinating discourse."

               -Rebecca Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

"Leading the charge as the titular character is Melody Ladd who imbues Barbara with a fire and intensity that makes her fully captivating right off the bat. She navigates the complexities of her character with grace."

                 -Frank Schierloh, Queer Reviewed

Major Barbara
Miracle on South Division Street

"...actors who are masters of their crafts...Melody Ladd...has the audience in absolute stitches."

    -Carol Montana, Sullivan County Democrat

"Melody Ladd is outstanding as young pubkeeper, Pegeen Mike. Her riveting, trademark stare mixes surprise with indignation and is truly unforgettable."

                     -Hugh Hunter, Chestnut Hill Local

"Ladd delivers a self assured, strong-willed, pseudo-masculine presence... the delicacy, nuance, bravado, and despair with which Ladd imbues her character make for an impressive performance."

                    -Ginger Agnew, B Sharp's Studio 6

"Ladd’s Pegeen Mike is a world-weary young woman, who only briefly reveals her tender side. Her journey through the arc of the play is profound and deeply sympathetic."

                                     -Joshua Herren, Phindie

Playboy of the Western World
Awake and Sing!

"Ladd is tremendous in her moment of doubt and hesitation."

        -John Timpane, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Melody Ladd also plays a complex character in Hennie, and she nails it. Hennie’s tough exterior and soft interior are displayed by Ladd, and her character is one that is hard to take at times but Ladd makes her shine by the end. She is not your typical 20-something woman in the 1930s, and this can be much appreciated as Melody Ladd gives her a fresh image that is believable and endearing. It is refreshing to watch such a unique female character find her way on the stage."

       -Amanda VanNostrand, The Theatre Guide 

"Melody “hysterical blindness”...and the resulting mayhem – as she staggers around the stage – is a highlight of the show."

                                  -The Express

"Aaron White and Melody Ladd, who play the Manninghams, give outstanding performances...“Gaslight” is a masterpiece of suspense. The acting is faultless."

                               -Karen Elias, The Express

Fox on the Faireway
Boeing Boeing
Dear Jack, Dear Louise

"And Melody Ladd...reveals a growing strength of character...The actors embody wonderfully the terror and the joy of this magical coming together."    

                                                 -The Express

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