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"...the reserved zeal of [Melody Ladd] sparkles irresistibly…"         

     -Talkin' Broadway

"…Melody Ladd is outstanding…"

-Chestnut Hill Local

"...the delicacy, nuance, bravado, and despair with which Ladd imbues her character make for an impressive performance." 

             -B Sharp's Studio 6

A Bit About Melody...

 Melody was born in England and raised in Sacramento, CA. She fell in love with acting when she was cast in her first play in the second grade. She had one line, "I think she's cute when she's angry." And you know what? She WAS cute when she was angry. See, truth on stage always has been and always will be one of Melody Ladd's most passionate aspirations. 


 She moved to New York City to study at New York University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Theatre in May of 2016. Having worked consistently since graduation in regional theaters, Off-Broadway spaces and network television, Melody prides herself in her range, professionalism and the fact that she considers Chris Sullivan a, "friendly friend... more than an acquaintance! Our families went to church together! He knows me I swear..."


 Miss Ladd currently resides in NYC where she spends her free time traveling, petting any dog she passes, and eating her way through every great vegetarian restaurant she can find. Animal rescue, the Climate Crisis, Voting Rights and "Not Being a D*ck" are some causes she finds herself focusing on the most when not on stage or set.  

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